Best Suited for: Small, Medium and Large Businesses
Budget Range: Starting at $5k
Video Length: 1-2 Minute Recommended

Our process begins with a consultation where we listen to your needs and objectives. We then create a working concept for your review and approval. From there, the concept is developed into a script and storyboard, leading to a one day shoot and collaboration on your story.

Through strong visuals, graphics, music, voice over and even quality stock footage, we’ll produce a product that brings your concept to life. Once approved, we’ll provide high resolution video files suitable for your website, social media channels, and event or trade show marketing.


Your company has a story.
We can help you tell it.
Together, we’ll help make your business grow. 


Frontline Productions
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Meet some of our customers 


 Onyx Moonshine

As Connecticut’s first premium distilled spirits, Onyx Moonshine wanted a video to highlight its local roots and community feel. The intent of the video was to inspire enthusiasm behind a startup company and its new product on the market. 

Earthy, grassroots, modern style makes the customer feel like part of the local family.

The company overview video supported investor solicitation and introduced the Onyx to the public as its centerpiece for marketing.


Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT)

A nonprofit business accelerator with a broad technology portfolio, CCAT wanted to promote its Advanced Manufacturing Center to prospective clients and partners. The video needed to highlight the center’s machine capabilities, processes, and people as an invitation for viewers to engage.

Modern graphics interwoven with live action emphasizes the power of integration and collaboration, sparking the customer's interest to know more. 

The video is on CCAT’s website as part of general marketing.

 GE Industrial Solutions

Serving the energy sector, GE Industrial Solutions provides high-technology products and services to a diverse customer base. They entrusted us to tell a complex story in a way that was compelling and easy-to-understand.

Drawing from archived footage from previous shoots, we built their story with high impact visuals to capture the significance of energy in our daily lives. 

The video served as promotional tool to attract potential buyers in the market.


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