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Share your meeting, live event, webinar, or even the next solar eclipse in real-time with a local, national or global audience. We have the people, process and tools to support secure streaming of your event, regardless of scale and scope. After your event, you’ll have a video file that forever captures the experience! 


Your company has a story.
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 IBM Think Leaders

Inside the DNA of IBM is a drive to innovate, and the IBM THINK Leaders speaker series explores how digital trends are changing industries. Our services are relied on to capture every potentially disruptive insight with perfect audio and visual, so ideas about how the future might unfold can be shared.

Stage setting and aesthetics play secondary roles, with a focus on ensuring the technologies that bring this live event to life -- to be shared across the globe -- work without issue.

The IBM THINK Leaders series captures the value, vitality and vision of IBM's people, and we're proud to help them shape our tomorrows.

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Chanel is renowned as the definitive source for haute couture. Chanel uses its internal company communications to keep its employees informed, inspired and gloriously bathed in fragrance and the few accessories that complete the finest desires of how we want to look and feel. 

Frontline provides a suite of technical support to help leaders at Chanel conduct employee meetings, with an eye to ensuring the best-in-the-world enjoy a world class experience.

*Due to client confidentiality, we are not able to share the live content


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