7 Reasons Your Video Isn’t Getting Attention

The online universe is obsessed with videos. On every platform, video dominates all of our feeds. Video is the ultimate way to convey a message to your audience in the shortest amount of time possible. With the overflow of constant messages, how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? 

You’ve spent so much time and energy creating content and yet, it doesn’t seem to be getting a very good response from your audience. Here are a list of some simple reasons you may have overlooked.  

  1. The Message Got Lost
    One of the biggest mistakes people make when putting out content is presenting a subject that isn't relatable to your audience. Don’t forget who your audience is and determining whether or not they will care about the information you are giving them. Making a video for video sake isn’t helpful to them. Provide them with a take-away that will prompt them to engage with you further on social media or your website.
  2. The Overall Feeling Is Too Pitchy
    No one wants to be beaten over the head with a sales pitch. Pushing your product or service at your customers too hard will only turn them away. Think of creative ways to get their attention. Can you use humor? Can you use interesting graphics? What about an animation? Create original content that focuses on your customers’ interests.
  3. Not Adding a Call to Action
    Before your video ends, make sure to add a Call to Action, or message to your audience that prompts them to act. Whether you want them to go to subscribe to your mailing list, follow you on your social channel, or apply for something on your website, make sure they know what they need to do next.  
  4. Incorrect Use of Your Social Media Channels
    Not all your content should be the same across all of your channels. Channels like LinkedIn are geared for professional materials while Instagram, Twitter and Facebook tend to be more causal. Craft messages that speak to your specific campaign messages. 
  5. Weak Hashtags or Keywords
    Tying a short, but distinctive hashtag to a campaign can be helpful, so you can see the specific dialogue around a promotion. The more unique the hashtag, the more specific you can track the engagement around your project. Consider using your brand name in it like #frontlinefun instead of #fridays. Try to be clever with your phrase or spelling to make it stand out even more!

    However, using popular hashtags can help your content be more visible to your audience, though you are fighting against the ocean other posts using the same hashtag. Do a little research on what are strong hashtags that relate to your video. Possibly a combination of a few hashtags can be helpful. 
  6. Your Video Was Way Too Long
    Our attention spans are shorter. We scroll through our feeds rapidly and you only have a few seconds to grab your reader attention. You have less than 10 seconds to get your viewers’ attention! Don’t waste it not getting to your point. “…corroborated by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which reports that the average attention span in 2013 was 9 seconds, one second less than the attention span of a goldfish (article, Just The Stats: The Science of Video Engagement by hangwon.”
  7. Missing a Thumbnail
    When you go to channels like Youtube or Vimeo, they give you an option to add what is called a thumbnail. The reason this is important is you want to visually attract overwhelmed viewers. Make your thumbnails echo your brand and be visually interesting. 



Heather E. Wright
Coordinating Producer at Frontline Productions

Heather is the Coordinating Producer for Frontline Productions and is the resident marketing guru with experience in video production, trade shows and project management.